Perrie will become a celebrity, mourning here whilst Jesy is the psychotherapist and you will guess who your client is. It’s that easy. I’ll give you an example; this is Perrie talking to Zayn and they’re out on a date. +

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Kiss me like you wanna be loved….

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see stuff like this i don’t get you at all tbh

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one direction | your hand in mine (ot5 2010-2012)

crying blood right now you motherfucker this is so beautiful and i feel like it is the end of something great and we have to treasure all these motherfucking moments AND GODDAMNIT I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE ON TUMBLR but it feels like a gen fic thanks a lot my heart is permanently ripped out

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Zayn and Perrie returning to the hotel!

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being a pessimist is great…I’m always either right or pleasantly surprised 

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louis’ face when a girl screams ‘i’m a carrot’

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everyone’s making apocalypse jokes like there’s no tomorrow

The world is not fucking ending. Don’t you all realize that this whole 2012 ordeal is cultural appropriation and exploitation of the Mayan culture? It’s a damn marketing strategy to fuel corporate culture and Hollywood’s avarice. Fuck corporate culture.

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